Australian Adventure

Region(s): Summer Trips, Special, Oceania
Location: Australia
Type: Conversational, Campus, Training, Family 12+
Dates: Jul 9, 2020 - Jul 23, 2020
Cost: $1,725 (airfare not included)
Australia holds a unique status: it is a country as well as a continent. About a quarter of the population was born outside of Australia, highlighting its rapid growth and broad ethnic diversity. A fusion of Aboriginal, European, and Asian culture brings life to its thriving urban areas, while expansive landscapes invite adventurers to explore the open country.

In the midst of beautiful beaches, iconic wildlife, and generally sunny skies, there’s an urgent need here for spiritual truth. The percentage of Christians has plummeted in recent decades and now many Australians are turning to meditation and generic spirituality in their search for clarity and purpose.

You can be the lifeline that brings hope back to those who have lost their way. Join us in partnering with local believers to reach college students in Melbourne. We will be pioneering on campuses where no ministries yet exist. Come see how easy it is to begin spiritual conversations using short films on smartphones and share your own story of God’s work in your life.

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