African Adventure: Equatorial Guinea

Region(s): Africa
Location: West Africa
Type: Film Showings, Conversational, Training
Dates: Nov 8, 2020 - Nov 22, 2020
Cost: TBD (airfare and travel visa not included)

Equatorial Guinea is best known for its beaches, islands and jungles. It flourishes with a mix of cultures and experiences. Historically steeped in ancestor worship and tribal religion, many people do not yet know Christ. With the recent discovery of oil, and the increasing foreign presence of Equatorial Guinea, many nationals are caught between traditional life and new struggles.

You will have the incredible opportunity to share the truth of the gospel by showing the JESUS film in various African languages and sharing Christ personally with those we meet. By helping begin the work of planting churches in various regions; you can help bring a message of hope to these spiritually needy people.

Spanish is the trade language of Equatorial Guinea, a former colony of Spain. Speaking Spanish is a huge bonus, though absolutely not required.

Come be a part of bringing the truth of the gospel to those in Equatorial Guinea who need to hear!

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