Latin American Adventure Guyana & Suriname

Region(s): Latin America
Location: Guyana & Suriname, South America
Type: JF App Evangelism, Campus Min., Family-Friendly 1+
Dates: Mar 10, 2018 - Mar 24, 2018
Cost: $1795 (airfare not included)
Full Sorry, but we are no longer accepting applications for this trip.
Neighboring each other on the northern coast of South America, are two countries with similar diversity and climate. From tribal villages, to Caribbean beaches and Dutch settlements, Suriname overflows with cultural diversity. The combination of European colonial influence and tribal rituals reveals the spiritual climate of Suriname’s mixed population.

Next door is Guyana, also known as the “Land of Many Waters,” which expands over rarely explored stretches of South America that are characterized by raging waterfalls and untouched tropical forests. The local population reflects the diversity found throughout this area with European, African, Indian, and Amerindian descendants. This array of cultural and spiritual backgrounds creates a mixed bag of identity and beliefs among the people, leading to cultural divides and a lack of a solid identity.

Within this blend of people groups, a thirst for truth and clarity is arising. As foreigners, we have a unique opportunity to build relationships and start spiritual conversations with the people of Suriname and Guyana. Come learn to utilize Jesus Film® tools, grow in your ability to share the gospel, and train local believers in two countries in reaching their nations. Join us on this uniquely crafted trip, and help reach two countries in two weeks with the unifying news of Jesus Christ!

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